Kelly Kratzing Portrait

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Hi, I’m Kelly – Australian freelance surface pattern designer + illustrator. 

If you’ve found your way here, chances are we share something in common – we both value the energy, personality, and movement that designer patterns bring to surfaces and products.

With my favoured tools of the trade - fine ink pens, prismacolour pencils, and watercolours - I create intricate, sophisticated and clean designs and products for the designer home decor, wallpaper and stationery markets. 

Every surface pattern designer and illustrator has a signature style. Mine is inspired by my love of the natural world and showcases Australian fauna and flora (I’m also a biologist – can you tell?). I split my time between Melbourne, Australia and Papua New Guinea and nothing makes me feel grounded and settled like having stunning patterned items in my home and office that remind me of all the things that make Australia uniquely beautiful. 

I believe we could all use more of that in our lives – beautiful design and artwork that improve our spaces and enhance our experience within them; designs and products that we can emotionally connect with. I’d love to share that with you.

How you can work with me

My surface pattern designs have been used to add personality and style to a range of lifestyle products; from stationery, to commercial wallpaper, bedding in homes, and to wrapping paper for beautifully presented gifts. My designs also lend themselves to being used on fabric, apparel, packaging and much more.

Commissioned design work and licensing 

If you’re an art director, manufacturer, publisher, small business or interior designer looking to licence or buy art, you might like to immerse yourself in my world and take a peek at my secure private portfolio, brimming with unique surface pattern designs and illustrations.

Have something particular in mind? You can commission a custom surface pattern design or bespoke artwork that brings together your vision and my design talents.

Need a fresh, distinctive pattern that’s uniquely Australian?